Plains Folk Crosswords

Plains FolkTM Crosswords

I'm beginning here a page of online crosswords, some of which have application to courses I teach at NDSU, others of which are of general public interest. The crosswords can be downloaded and worked, downloaded and printed, or worked online. To do anything with them, you will need Across Lite software, which is a free download.

Crosswords (readable with Across Lite)
Walter P. Webb's Great PlainsPuzzle based on Walter P. Webb's foundational work of regional history, The Great Plains. The book is a text for my courses, HIST 431/631 and HIST 730, and also for my NEH summer seminar on the Great Plains.
Crossing the Dakota CirclePuzzle based on my own book, Dakota Circle: Excursions on the True Plains. I worked this up for the students in my HIST 461/631 class, who read the book as a text for the course.