Great Plains Songbook

The Great Plains Songbook

Compiled by Tom Isern

Doing concerts and lectures across the country I get a lot of requests for the words to this song or that. Sometimes the request comes from someone who has been reminded of a song from youth; sometimes it comes from a singer who wants to learn the song. Either way, this collection of web pages, the "Great Plains Songbook," responds to such requests.

This is not intended as a resource for scholarly reference. It's for singers. I have prefaced each text with remarks, but these are intended more as appreciation than as annotation. Just a conversation about songs.

What are the criteria for inclusion? The songs going into the collection are

This collection is under continual development. I add songs as I get around to it. Right now I'm posting text only. When I get geared up, I'll begin to add audio.

The Songs
Beulah Land: A Song of the Plains
Home on the Range
Home to Slope County
Knockin' Around the Yard
The Letter Edged in Black
Little Old Sod Shanty on the Claim
The Prisoner's Song
Queen of Beto Junction
Red River Valley
The Strawberry Roan
Ways and Habits of the West
Table & Tavern Song
The Farmer Is the Man
Hazel's Hands
They Built with Stone
Prairie Town