Wood House

Wood House
Bismarck, North Dakota

The Wood House is easily accessible off I-94 and convenient to the capitol and the state historical museum. It's a comfortable place, with spacious vinyl booths. It has a menu posted in each booth with a telephone for ordering. The staff is all ages and all friendly. Lots of Bismarck folks come in for soups and pie. The burger platters with fries, rings, and slaw are good. Chili, and clam chowder on Fridays, are mainstays in winter. (TI 8/28/99)

Just updating here--the Wood House remains reliable and comfortable. A wonderful road stop, but one where the clientel is mostly local. Quite a few older folks are regulars, and it's convenient to state employees. (TI 12/17/06)

1825 N. 13th Street, Bismarck ND 58501


Take the Hwy 83 exit, the main one for Bismarck, and find the Wood House a few blocks south, on the east side of the street.