Georgia's and the Owl

Georgia's and the Owl
Amidon, North Dakota

Marie & LK Lorge

Hwy 85 & Main, Amidon ND 58620


Like you're going to get lost in Amidon?

N 46o28.959' W 103o19.267'

LK is a welder, and it shows in the exterior decor of the place. Marie runs the show from the kitchen, whereas LK comes in and tends bar and insults deer hunters in evenings. Big prime rib, I mean prime rib like a starving graduate student can't finish. Waitresses who know what they are doing and don't take any guff from patrons, unless they want to. Heck of a feed.--TI 1/22/00

Gotta add my favorite Amidon story here. So these two guys come into Georgia's, dressed in business suits, and Marie comes out to ask what they want to drink. They both order some sort of fancy mixed drink, whereupon Marie looks the two of them over and says, "Where the hell do you think you are, Dickinson?"--TI 12/23/05