The Chateau

The Chateau
Fort Pierre, South Dakota

Pat & Ed Duffy

PO Box 100, 110 N. Deadwood Avenue, Fort Pierre SD 57532


Hwy 83 runs N-S along the W side of town; you have to turn off a couple blocks E from the hwy to reach Deadwood Ave., the main N-S drag in old Ft. Pierre. The Chauteau is on the E side of the street.

N 44o21.271' W 100o21.210'

The Chateau, on Deadwood Avenue in Pierre's twin city west of the Missouri, is a combination steak house, bar and grill, and sale barn café. The decor is unintentionally retro–exposed brick walls that are exposed not because someone decided to expose them but because they never were covered, black drop ceilings sparkling with glitter, vinyl booths, mature waitresses. Man, this is comfort. You get a relish plate with the salad–pretty classy–the steaks are perfect, and the onion rings are homemade. Consistency counts here: Pat says, "Our menu is like Hebrews 13:18–the same yesterday, today, and forever."--TI 9/26/99

Over the years I keep coming back here, and I'm convinced the onion rings at the Chateau are the best anywhere.--TI 12/23/05