La Siesta, Topeka, Kansas

La Siesta
Topeka, Kansas

Connie & Frank Herrera

201 NE Woodruff, Topeka KS 66616-1158


Make your way into the old Oakland neighborhood of NE Topeka; from Seward, which runs E-W through the neighborhood, turn S on Woodruff, and you'll find la Siesta on the NW corner of Woodruff and Atchison.

"Home of the Chili con Queso," they say of la Siesta; you can eat it there, or you can buy bottles of La Siesta chili con queso sauce and make your own at home. The balance of the menu here is standard Santa-Fe-Railroad Mexican fare, and indeed, the Santa Fe shops and yards nearby lend historicity to the cafe. It's situated in Oakland, an old ethnic neighborhood that started out German-Russian and made the transition to Mexican, and the owners are pillars of the community. I love this cafe.--TI 8/28/99

During a research day at the Kansas State Historical Society we headed over to La Siesta for lunch, and it's still great. The enchiladas with mole sauce are a good choice.--TI 5/25/04

A few days ago, breaking up a long drive fighting snow from North Dakota to Oklahoma, we stopped in for a meal at La Siesta and picked up a case of queso sauce to carry with. The bottled sauce has become a staple in our kitchen, not just for seasoning queso dips but also for adding to various dishes and sauces.--TI 12/23/05