Green Door

Green Door
Arkansas City, Kansas

After many years, we returned to the Green Door (a.k.a. La Familia) and found it still a wonderful place for lunch. The external setting is stark--no landscaping, no grass, just parking gravel around the building. Inside, though, there are signs of emotional investment. Notice, to your right as you enter, the memorials and tributes to veterans from the Ramirez family. The dining room still has its hokey decor, including wall art featuring Snoopy as Pancho Villa, and exhibits a fair bit of deferred maintenance. The food, though, is spot on. If asked about your preference in cheese dip or sauce, say white. Recommended: the home style enchiladas, with a filling of ground meat, peas, carrots, and potatoes. The clientel is almost all local, people who likely came here with their parents years ago. (TI 12/17/06)

Family Ramirez

717 W. Madison, Arkansas City KS 67005-3034


West side of town, on the north side of Hwy 166