Ladbury Church Restoration Project

Ladbury Church Restoration Project

Beginning in 2001, local citizens, volunteers, and Preservation North Dakota engaged in a notable collaboration aimed at the stabilization and restoration of Ladbury Church (a.k.a. Sunnyside Church), near Sibley, North Dakota. This website provides information on the Ladbury Church Restoration Project, a notable success story in prairie church preservation. It also documents the lively activities that have invested the old church and its grounds since its restoration and rededication as a community center for northern Barnes County. Website in progress--check back for current events, updates, and backfilling.

Sunnyside Herald No. 1 - newsletter 15 June 2001

Ladbury Church Preservation, Phase I - plan by Rik Ekstrom, 14 July 2001

Press Release 30 June 2005 - Kathy Elijah program on 10 July 2005

Kathy Elijah's program coming up on 10 July 2005 is described in a press release of 30 June. Kathy is a star student in the public history program at NDSU. This summer she has been an intern working with Wes Anderson at the Barnes County Historical Museum, Valley City. She's done documentary research on the ethnic history of the county. For the program at Ladbury she invites citizens of the locality to bring stories, documents, and artifacts of their own ethnic ancestry and to share them with their neighbors. This will be a great conversation in the old church. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if some people brought some snacks made from recipes characteristic of their own ethnic roots? Read about Kathy's work at the BCHM here in the Valley City Times-Record.

The Chuck Suchy Concert on 26 June 2005 drew an appreciative crowd of 70-some listeners, including many who had participated the previous day in the Centennial Corpus Christi Festival at St. Mary's Church, just two miles south. A tornado watch and showers kept crowds away, but those who wimped out on account of the weather missed a sublime event--Chuck singing "Evening in Paris" and lots of old favorites from the church steps. Truly a fine beginning for the Ladbury Lectures of 2005. Dennis Stillings was there and was kind enough to send some pictures taken that evening--see link at right.

The Ladbury Lectures, which commenced in the old church during summer 2003 and continued in summer 2004, return in summer 2005 with another line-up of programs of public interest.

  • 6:30 PM Sunday 26 June: Chuck Suchy Concert

  • 6:30 PM Sunday 10 July: Kathy Elijah, "Ethnic Diversity in Barnes County"

  • Additional programs in series to be announced
Views of Ladbury Church, September 2000

Views of Ladbury Church, May 2001

Work Day, 28 July 2001

Work Day, 12 August 2001

Chuck Suchy Concert, 26 June 2005

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