Military Pension Record of Henry Dunekack, 1891-1931, National Archives

Notes from military pension record ordered from the National Archives

Soldier's Declaration for Pension

Henry Dunekack appeared before a notary in Holt County, Missouri, 21 February 1891. He was 55 years old, a resident of Union Twp, Holt County. Post office address is Craig, Missouri.

Swore he served 90 days in the War of the Rebellion. Enlisted at Chicago, Illinois, in July 1865.

Also [in printed language of form], "That he is at this time afflicted with a disability which is not the result of his own vicious habits, and as he verily believes in permanent in character."

Specifically [as blanks are filled in], he is "incapacitated three fourths of the time" due to "diseased conditions of the right lung and liver."

The form for filing is a printed one supplied by "T.W. Tallmadge, of Washington, D.C., his true and lawful attorney to prosecute this claim . . . & receive a fee of $10.00."

Pension Certificate 769298, Henry Dunekack, 5 May 1898

Married? "Yes. Wife's name, [indecipherable] Idecker"

When & where married? "1867 . . . by Lutheran Minister, [town indecipherable], Holt Co Mo"

"Not previously married"

Any childen living? "Yes. Vera 1871 [next indecipherable] Lena 1878 Henry 1880 William 1885"