Military Service Record of Henry Dunekack, 1861-65, National Archives

Notes from military service record ordered from the National Archives

Muster-in Roll, Capt. Gearhart's Co., 8th Illinois Cavalry Regiment

Henry Dunake, age 34 [error in roll or by military copyist], appears on the muster-in roll of the company. Roll dated 18 September 1861, Camp Kane, Illinois.

Dunake joined for duty and was enrolled 10 September 1861, for period three years

Description: light hair, blue eyes, light complexion, 5'4"

This regiment subsequently became Company D, 8th Illinois Cavalry

Muster Rolls for Company D, 8th Illinois Cavalry Regiment, entries for Henry Duneka, Dunneka, Dunake, Dunneke, Dunnekack (spelling varies)
31 October 1861not stated
March-April 1862present
May-June 1862present
July-August 1862present
30 June-31 October 1862present
31 October 1862-28 February 1863absentOn detached service in Brigade Q.M. Dept.
November-December 1862presentDetached to Brigade Q.M. Dept. since 1 December 1862
March-April 1863absentOn detached service in Brigade Q.M. Dept.
10 April 1863presentOn detached service since 1 December 1862 with Brigade teams
May-June 1863present
July-August 1863absentOn detached service
August-October 1863absentsick
September-October 1863presentOn detached service with Div. Q.M.
31 October 1863-30 April 1864presentRe-enl. p. G.O. 191, W. Dept. A.G.O., 1863
May-June 1864present
July-August 1864present
September-October 1864present
November-December 1864present
January-February 1865present
March-April 1865present
May-June 1865present

Company Descriptive Book

Age 26 years

Height 5 feet 6 inches

Complexion light

Eyes grey

Hair light

Born Hanover, Germany

Occupation farmer

Enlistment 30 November 1863, Elys Fort, Virginia, for 3 years

Detachment Muster-out Roll, Culpepper C.H., 19 December 1863

Henry Dunneke mustered out 19 December 1863

Last paid on 31 October 1863

Pay due: $5.71

Bounty due: $100

Volunteer Enlistment, State of Virginia, Town of Culpeper [sic]

"I, Henry Dunneka born in Hannover in the State of Germany aged 24 years, and by occupation a farmer Do hereby acknowledge to have volunteered this 20 day of Dec 1863, to serve as a Soldier in the Army of the United Stares of America, for the period of three years or during the war, unless sooner discharged by proper authority: Do also agree to accept such bounty, pay, rations, and clothing, as are, or may be, established by law for volunteers. And I, Henry Dunneka, do solemnly swear, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America, and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies or opposers whomsoever; and that I will observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the Rules and Articles of War. Sworn and subscribed to, at Culpeper Va., this 20 day of Dec 1863."

Company Muster-Out Roll, Benton Barracks, Missouri, 17 July 1865

Muster-out date: 17 July 1865

Last paid: 31 December 1864

Clothing account last settled 31 December 1864; drawn since $12.79; due soldier $17.25

Bounty paid $210; due $190

"Stoppage for Ordnance, one Spencer Carbine, on revolver, one sabre $21.00 as per Cir. No. 13, series/65, O.O. Vet."