Notes from Kansas State Census of 1885, Lakin Township, Barton County

Notes on the household and farm of Adolph and Wilhelmine Isern, from the manuscript censuses of population and agriculture

Census of Population

Adolph Isern, age 38, married, farmer, born in Ohio, came to Kansas from Ohio

Wilhelmine, age 30, married, born in Germany, came to Kansas from Ohio

Alvin, age 3, born in Kansas

Alfred, age 2 months, born in Kansas

Ernst, age 31, single, farmer, born in Ohio, came to Kansas from Ohio

Census of Agriculture

Adolph Isern, owner of farm

320 acres, 25 under fence and 195 not under fence (error in totals?)

Cash value of farm and improvements: $4000

Cash value of implements and machinery: $125

Wages paid in year ending 1 March 1885, including board: $300

260 rods of wire fence

140 acres of winter wheat sown in fall 1884

Planted in spring 1885:

Grain on hand 1 March 1885: Hay cut in 1884: Butter made in year: 200 pounds

Livestock on farm 1 March 1885:

Cattle died of disease in year: 2

Value of animals slaughtered or sold for slaughter in year: $100

Fruit trees:

1 dog