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You can order personal copies of books by the authors of Plains FolkTM here. We're not geared up for credit card sales, but we can fill orders one of two ways. The first way is for you to look at this page and at the order form, decide what you want, and send us an e-mail giving your order, along with your mailing and billing address. Then we'll mail out your order, along with a statement, and you can send us a check. Also, let us know if you would like the book or books inscribed by the author or authors to anyone. Here's the e-mail address.

The second way to order books is to print out our order form, indicate your wishes on the hard copy, and mail it, along with your check (payable to "Plains Folk"), to the address indicated. The flat prices include appropriate sales tax. We are both happy and sorry to say that those two cult classics, Jim's The Cattle Guard and Tom's Custom Combining on the Great Plains, have sold out of print. All right then, here's what we have for sale. Notice that you can click on a title to get information about the book.


Books by the Authors of Plains FolkTM
Hoy & Isern. Plains Folk: A Commonplace of the Great Plains. U. of Oklahoma Press, 1987. Cloth @ $20.

Hoy & Isern. Plains Folk II: The Romance of the Landscape. U. of Oklahoma Press, 1990. Cloth @ $20.

Isern. Bull Threshers and Bindlestiffs: Harvesting and Threshing on the North American Plains. U. Press of Kansas, 1990. Cloth @ $30.

Hoy. Cowboys and Kansas: Stories from the Tallgrass Prairie. U. of Oklahoma Press, 1995. Cloth @ $23.

Hoy, ed. & comp. Prairie Poetry: Cowboy Verse of Kansas. Wichita Eagle and Beacon Pub. Co., 1995. Paper @ $16.

Isern & Ray Wilson. Kansas Land. Gibbs Smith, 1988. Cloth @ $30.

Ise, John. Sod and Stubble: The Unabridged & Annotated Edition. U. Press of Kansas, 1996. Paper @ $13.

The Centennial Anthology of North Dakota History. State Historical Society of North Dakota, 1996. Paper @ $25.

Hamilton, W.H. Dakota: An Autobiography of a Cowman. South Dakota State Historical Society, 1998. Paper @ $15.

Isern. Dakota Circle: Excursions on the True Plains. NDSU Institute for Regional Studies, 2000. Cloth @ $20.

Isern. My So-Called Life on the Plains: Confessions of the Last Picture Show Generation. Kindred House, 2005. CD @ $10.

Dealers! If you would like to sell our books, then get in touch with our publishers!
For Plains Folk II and Cowboys In KansasUniversity of Oklahoma Press
For Bull Threshers and Bindlestriffs and Sod and StubbleUniversity Press of Kansas
For The Centennial Anthology of North Dakota HistoryState Historical Society of North Dakota
For Dakota: An Autobiography of a CowmanSouth Dakota State Historical Society
For Dakota Circle: Excursions on the True PlainsNDSU Institute for Regional Studies
For My So-Called Life on the PlainsKindred House