A Walk Around Bowesmont, 27 October 1997

A Walk Around Bowesmont, 27 October 1997

Before commencing research on the history of Bowesmont, we took a walk around the abandoned town site. This was on 27 October 1997, a windy, gray, chilly day, and the walk was a dreary one. At this point some buildings had been removed, and bids were being taken from buyers who wished to remove others. No one was living in the town. Salvage was the order of the day.

Here are a few slides snapped that day.

Views of Bowesmont Taken by Tom Isern 27 October 1997

The town site of Bowesmont viewed from the southwest, looking across the NP railroad tracks into what once was the business district.

Abandoned residences stood on lots overgrown with weeds and grass since the 1997 flood.

In the absence of bidders interested in purchasing and moving them, these residences were slated for demolition.

Some buildings were in the process of being removed by their purchasers.

Buildings were posted with numbers for reference by bidders. Some owners added their own comments to the official postings.

The Halcrow house, overlooking town from west of the tracks, was one destined to be removed to a new site.

The old NP depot had been converted into a workshop by a local resident years earlier.

All that remained of the old Bowesmont schoolhouse was a stairway into thin air.

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