Bowesmont News Release, 2 January 1998

Bowesmont News Release, 2 January 1998

NEWS from the NDSU Institute for Regional Studies
Historical Documentation of Bowesmont
Tom Isern, Project Leader; Julie Humann, Research Historian
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RE: Historical Documentation of Bowesmont

Researchers from the Institute for Regional Studies, North Dakota State University, are documenting the history of Bowesmont, North Dakota, in a project initiated for the Pembina County Commissioners.

Due to the Red River flood of 1997, the town of Bowesmont (just north of Drayton, in southeastern Pembina County) has been eliminated. Funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency made possible a buy-out of the entire town, which was subject to chronic flooding.

In association with this process, the Pembina County Commissioners have contracted with NDSU to document the history of the community, so that as residents relocate, the memory of the community is not lost. Tom Isern, Professor of History at NDSU, is the Project Leader. Julie Humann, a History student at NDSU, is the Research Historian.

"We're looking for documents, photographs, and memories that will help us set down the history of Bowesmont and preserve its memory," says Isern. "Research at this point is in the library and archival sources, but in the next stage, Ms. Humann will be gathering oral histories of Bowesmont residents. At the same time she will be looking for photographs of the town, and for documents in private hands--diaries, letters, business records, club and organizational records, anything that will shed light on the community's story."

The researchers would be happy to hear from anyone who can guide them to people who should be interviewed or who have documents pertaining to the history of Bowesmont. The information gathered will be used in a history of Bowesmont to be published by the NDSU Institute for Regional Studies.

Humann may be contacted by telephone (701-231-8654) or letter to the Department of History, North Dakota State University, Fargo ND 58105-5075.

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