Historical Documentation of Bowesmont

Historical Documentation of Bowesmont

In 1997-98 the Institute for Regional Studies, North Dakota State University, contracted with the Pembina County (North Dakota) Commissioners to document the history of Bowesmont, a small town in southeastern Pembina County. The stimulus for this project was that the town of Bowesmont, which until April of 1997 had comprised sixteen households, was being eliminated--was being bought out, with funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Bowesmont was always subject to flooding by the Red River. The Red River Flood of 1997 finally brought the demise of the town.

The purpose of the project, "Historical Documentation of Bowesmont," was to document the history of the Bowesment, even as residents of the town relocated. More specifically, the project was to

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The Principal Investigator for the project was Tom Isern, Professor of History, NDSU.

The Research Historian for the Project was Julie Humann, then a Senior History Major at NDSU.

The Virtual Community Hall

Historically, Bowesmont's Neo-Classical Community Hall was where the community came together. This virtual town hall is a place where people with personal experiences or family roots in Bowesmont can exchange their thoughts and memories.

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Bowesmont Heritage Association

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