Oral History Interviews for Beets & Buffalo

Oral History Interviews for "Beets & Buffalo"

The field work for this project comprises many informal elements--conversations, field observations, and so on--but at the core of the field research is a series of oral history interviews recorded with producers of beets and bison. These interviews are being transcribed and prepared for deposit with the NDSU Institute for Regional Studies, where they will be available to researchers.

Interviews with Beet Producers for "Beets and Buffalo" Study
Lawrence & Ione Deal

Erhard MN

12 September 1999

Kurt & Kathy Sogn

Baker MN

12 September 1999

James Link

Wahpeton ND

13 September 1999

Darin & Brenda Prochnow

Great Bend ND

17 September 1999

Bob & Dave Yaggie

Breckenridge ND

27 September 1999

Interviews with Bison Producers for "Beets and Buffalo" Study
Ken Throlson

New Rockford ND

3 September 1999

Jim ("Buzz") & Florence Earl

Grand Forks ND

5 September 1999

Dick & Donna Ruby

Milnor ND

6 September 1999

Elaine & Don Elijah

Lisbon ND

9 September 1999

Dennis Sexhus

Leeds ND

15 September 1999

Bruce Willyard

Carrington ND

15 September 1999

Deb & Wade Miller

Bowman County ND

13 November 1999