Beets & Bison

Beets & Bison

Commodity Cultures of the Northern Plains

This is the home page for the "Beets and Bison" research project, a Larry Remele Fellowship project funded by the North Dakota Humanities Council and carried out by Tom Isern.

Documents Describing the "Beets and Bison" Project Proposal Funded by the NDHC
B & B Bibliography
Oral History Interviews

B & B Photo Galleries Minn-Dak Refinery, Wahpeton
Siouxland Buffalo, Grand Forks
Elijah Ranch, Lisbon
North American Bison Cooperative, New Rockford
The Lift, Prochnow Farm, Wahpeton
Double Diamond Ranch, Bowman County

Contact Information
Tom Isern, Professor of History
Minard Hall 412C, NDSU
Fargo ND 58105-5075